Teen-Aid is a chastity based resource used in over 65 schools across Saskatchewan.

The Teen-Aid program seeks to educate students about the benefits of saving sex for marriage.

Teen-Aid Saskatchewan

Our Goals

To reduce the many adverse consequences of teen sexual activity by encouraging chastity.

To provide skills which will enable healthy relationships, and create a solid foundation for a future lifelong marriage.

To teach responsibility and respect towards sexuality.

To promote the concept of renewed chastity for students who have already had sexual experiences.

Teen-Aid Believes:

Parents are the primary educators of their children, particularly in the area of sexuality.  Communication between teens and their parents should be encouraged.

Chastity should be presented as an attainable standard of behavior among teens.

Young people are capable of resisting sexual pressure when equipped with the skills to say “no”.

Why Chastity?

Our teenagers have a tremendous amount of potential and opportunity as they grow into adulthood.  Chastity can give them the freedom to pursue their goals.

Human sexuality is multi-dimensional, and any sexual involvement affects people socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  Chastity allows young people to form a healthy self-concept and protects them as they develop their attitudes and values.  

Safe Sex?  Or Saved Sex?

Teen sexual activity puts young people at risk physically and emotionally.  Only chastity offers complete protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections.  Condoms and birth control only offer limited physical protection and no protection for the heart. 

The Teen-Aid School Program

Teen-Aid offers chastity presentations from Grade 6 to Grade 12 in Saskatchewan schools.  All Teen-Aid instruction is given by qualified presenters, specifically trained to teach the Teen-Aid program.

The Teen-Aid program is scheduled into class time, is presented on Power Point and includes interactive discussion, activities and multi-media presentations. 

Is Chastity Education Effective?

Yes!  Check out the results from our 2014-2015 survey: